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To keep our staff and students safe at this time our studio follows all public health guidelines and protocols 

covid check list.jpg

Pre screen for any symptoms (use the sheet above) before coming in for your lesson.


NOTE: If the student has any symptoms of being unwell, please have a lesson online. Even if our teachers get a cold, they will have to be off teaching.

*Teachers have the right to refuse a student if they show signs of being sick.*


This is what you need to know upon arrival:

⁃  Please sanitize your hands upon entering. 

⁃  Physical distancing (6 feet).


Additional information:


-Teaching rooms will be sanitized thoroughly after each student. Please be patient during transitions. If the teacher is late, they will make sure that you get your full lesson time in. 

- Teachers are required to fill out a symptom checklist and take their temperature every day upon arrival. We will be making sure everything is sanitized regularly for everyone's safety.  


If there are any changes to our protocols, we will be sure to keep everyone updated. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we would be happy to help.

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