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Katie's Music Studio Lesson Policy Agreement:



Cash, cheque or e-transfer ( are accepted. Invoices are sent to the email on file on the first of the month and are due within one week from the sent date. If you start in the middle of the month, an invoice will be sent to you upon registration for the duration of that month. If you are behind on payments, this may affect your reservation of your scheduled lesson time slot. Katie's Music Studio may stop your lessons if you are behind on payments until you clear up any outstanding balances. 

NSF POLICY: There will be a $5.00 charge if a cheque does not process through. Lessons will resume once the payment has cleared. 


Your monthly payment secures your lesson day and time for the duration of the month. Should a student stop lessons, for any reason, prior to the completion of the month, no refund will be issued. If you wish to discontinue lessons, 30 days notice is required. 


There are NO refunds for missed or canceled lessons. Please give AT LEAST 24 hours notice if a lesson is to be missed by going logging onto the student portal and canceling the lesson. You are welcome to a makeup lesson if you give us at least 24 hours notice, but if there is no notice given, a makeup lesson lesson or payment refund will not be credited. Makeup lessons can be scheduled on the student portal if they are available and must be scheduled with the same teacher you canceled your lesson with. Makeup lessons cannot be used with another teacher. 

NOTE: There are no refunds or makeup lessons for group lessons. 

If a teacher cancels for any reason, a substitute teacher will fill in if available. If no teacher is available to fill in, a make up lesson will be issued. If the studio is closed from bad weather, you will receive a Make up lesson. 


Make up lessons expire after the term is finished at the end of August. If the teacher is not teaching throughout July/August, they need to be used by the end of June.


Make up lessons are classes that are scheduled outside you regular lesson time. Make up lessons cannot be used to replace regular lessons or to receive a credit on your next invoice. 


The studio follows all the school holidays (March break, Christmas break, Family day, Easter, etc...) except PD days. 


Only during the scheduled lesson time is the teacher responsible for the child’s whereabouts. Although, If a student gets injured, or has any items lost or stolen while at the studio (159 Brant Ave. Brantford, Ontario, N3T 3H6), the teacher will not be held responsible. 


Arrive on time: Come with your instrument, books, materials needed, nails trimmed and clean hands. Please silence all cell phones. If you are an observer please sit quietly. Please try not to come more then 5 minutes early to your scheduled lesson. 


Parent Attendance: Young beginner students should be accompanied by one parent during a private lesson unless otherwise stated by the teacher. The parent must help observe and take notes during lessons. Please pay attention to your child's lesson as this only adds to their success.


All teachers of Katie's Music Studio have permission to take photos and videos of the student to use for her website or any other form of media/marketing etc unless stated otherwise by the parent upon registration. 



I agree to all the terms stated above by registering online and clicking accept.

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