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Kids with Capes


No experience required!


The primary goal of drama coaching is to develop the fundamental skills and techniques of drama and acting for various settings (film, stage, or television), or just for the students own personal development. But wait! Drama coaching is an incredible tool to use for improving confidence, public speaking skills, creativity, teamwork/leadership, communication and so much more!


The classes are well suited for the beginner actor as well as for those who have had previous experience. Students will get personalized programming based off of their interest and skill levels enabling them to learn the discipline required to develop. Allyson Brown has a great love and passion for working with students that have learning exceptionalities. This may include, but is not limited too, students with ADHD/ADD, autism, deaf/blind, down syndrome, anxiety etc.​

Private and group classes available!

Our drama teacher, Allyson Brown, has extensive training in drama, dance and singing. Her education stems from an Honours Drama degree from McMaster University, Mohawk (creating comedy), Marilyn Szwec School of Dance, Tammy Beach Dance School, Singing lessons (Bach Academy, Ray Lyell, Reggie's Music School), Clown training, Sears and Switzer (Voice and Auditoning), Second City, and training from acclaimed Broadway teacher and casting director, Ginger Howard Friedman (scene study). She has also worked with Actraworks, Dave Dayler Player's Guild, and Dundas Little Theatre School programme in technical theatre and scene study. She a member of A.C.T.R.A. and is a professional actress, performer, and clown. Allyson has also studied writing, children's literature (degree), teaching, and is a professional writer and director. One of her plays was even performed at Hamilton Place. Her mentors are Ted Danson and Arlene Martel, who have been very supportive of her efforts. When she is not performing or writing, she enjoys working with children and teaching.​​​

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